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NuSphere A PHP debugger that allows the php logic to be stepped, stop at a breakpoint, look at any of the variables at any time. It's vastly superior to print statements.
OpenWIG is an attempt to develop a j2me mobile application (midlet) with same capabilities as Wherigo player. It achieves this by implementing Lua extensions used in Wherigo source files.
GWC Format The GWC cartridge layput.
MarshallsoftSoftware development tools for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 95, MS-DOS and Pocket PC.The MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ (MGC4C) is a Win32 DLL that allows any C/C++ program to receive and decode standard NMEA 183 sentences from a GPS receiver connected to the RS232 serial port. Requires a 32-bit C/C++ compiler.
Download Visual C++ Express Visual studio is free and has a great interactive debugger.
BuyGPSNow BuyGPSNow sells the Navibe 720 GPS Receiver and other GPS devices.
Reading data from GPS devices Mika's Digital Garden blogs about GPS interfacing in this entry
gpsd a GPS service daemon gpsd is a service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes attached to a host computer through serial or USB ports, making all data on the location/course/velocity of the sensors available to be queried on TCP port 2947 of the host computer.
Add GPS support to your desktop
Form Program  Waypoint calculation between two points no GPS
Read GPS Unit   Hard to do without a GPS unit connected to com1 or the usb.
I was first concerned about the naviagation formulas I translated into PHP, but they have a calculation precision that is far more accurate than the GPS device which is frequently somewhere in a 20 foot circle. At our latitude the lat measurement is about .001 minute = 6 feet and the lon is about .001 = 4 feet..
Aviation Formulary   Ed Williams has provided far more formulas for navigation than I'll ever use. The GPS distance and true course calculations described here I translated into .php for the laptopGPS project.