LaptopGPS Project

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FlyWithMe Current LaptopGPS program. It displays distance and course from the moving position to a waypoint every 15 seconds when in the auto mode. The other mode calculates distance and true course between two waypoints. The ladybug compass displays the true course from the current position to a designated waypoint. A link to a database of waypoints is provided.


The LaptopGPS project provides a testbed for GPS related routines. Eventually, it will provide a GPS game engine where the geocacher can interact with the game. It is HTML based and can run as a local server or on a remote server as it utilizes xampplite and MySQL. When web services become available for cellphones and other GPS enabled devides, the game can be played remotely.

References Reference Material.

Test_Notes Design and Test notes.

Iphone Madness (Web Address - ) A Iphone version of the Highland Fling cache. It is sized to display correctly on an Iphone or other web enabled cellphone with a larger display (300x350 pixels). The answer to the first task question is "Halifax". Take your cellphone and GPS over to the cache location and let me know how it works for you.

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