The Embedded Android

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Boot Receivers and Intents

Embedded in one sense means the app starts at bootup. This started out because I had a small Android contract to write some code to be used in a unattended display. The requirements were that the application should start up when power was applied and go directly into the application. In this instance, it also meant the SlideLock needed to be bypassed. The bootup on power detection required there had to be an external power sensor (possibly a small micro controller such as an Arduino) while detecting bootup in the application was not possible for various reasons. This required a bootup program that would invoke the application.

Here's some discussion about some of the solutions beginning with invoking "helloworld".
HelloWorld Examined What needs to be done to the typical Android program so another program can invoke it? Hello World isn't typical but it is a useful illustration of invoking via an intent.

A BootUp Program Examined When bootup detected occurs, this program first displays a splash screen to indicate something is happening and then calls the application via an intent. Inhibit SlideLock is included.

External Power A ZT-180 tablet has a external power control cable added.

HelloWorld zip file Eclipse Source code to download.
NLauncher zip file Eclipse Source code to download.

Some Praise to Helpful People and Developers

A lot of people have given me useful hints, code, good thoughts and I'll probably miss a few: Android Developers Group I read posts on this group daily and occasionally post a question myself.
Basic4Android This great update to a version of Visual Basic provides a fast development environment that I prefer over writing Java using the Eclipse platform. Erel the Administrator has been helpful on numerous occasions.
TheNewBostonThe 200 Android tutorials are always a source of insight for answers to Android programming problems. Congratulations to Bucky Roberts for TheNewBoston and congratulations to Travis for being a great Android tutor.