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This project started out with a conversation with the VW Service Manager at the VW Gallery in Norwood, MA. In brief it asked "Is there something we can do to improve of search engine rankings and how would we know if we had?" We wanted to do something like search for "vw service sharon ma" and have the rankings show the VW Gallery service in the top 5 rankings. In November the benchmark readings showed the VW Gallery very low or not in the first page or so of rankings see (Table 1 - SEO Rankings). The test search string is "vw service town-name ma". No Meta tags were used.
Jan 23, 2009 Added keywords "repair" and "Eastern, "Massachusetts", Map link to Boston,

View Lastest SEO Rankings as of Feb 08, 2009.
Table 1 - SEO Rankings
TownRankings Dec 2008Dec 8, 2008
Dedham Ma6 th 9
Walpole Manot in top 20 6
Canton Manot in top 20 6
Sharon Manot in top 20 3
Westwood Manot in top 20 3
West Roxbury Manot in top 20 12/8
Foxboro Manot in top 20 4
Wrentham Ma7 th 4
A special landing page was placed on one our servers Current Landing Page and the search engines were notified. This is a work in progress and it will change as we test various meta tags and text combinations.
Base Test Page A view of the base test page Dec 2008.