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Slideshows A slideshow featuring the "Chalk On The Walk" sidewalk art show held during the May 5, 2013 Mayfaire in Cambridge, Ma.

Heritage Project Use ID = "test" PW = "test_805". This is the documentation portion. The actual project is hosted on

TombTalk A blog about Android projects and other interests.

Android Here are some links to Android related projects including the Embedded Android

Slideshow uses an AJAX application running on a cellphone to control a slideshow running on a server.

The LaptopGPS project provides a testbed for GPS related routines. Has Test_Notes on Android development Marco/Polo HTML game progress. The various versions are testing the best way to provide a GPS game engine where the geocacher can interact with the game. It is HTML based and runs as a local server or on a remote server as it utilizes xampplite and MySQL. Now that web services are available for cellphones and other GPS enabled devices, the games can be played remotely.
Cellphone Geocaching Some cellphone internet games.
Try this cellphone proof of concept here. The first two answers are "halifax" and "ward". You'll have to play the game to find out where the cache is.

Search Engine Optimization An ongoing project to improve search engine rankings.

ICount is a name, address, voter volunteer, data base, initial entry program and maintenance program I did for the Election Defense Alliance organization. Their mission is to monitor elections. Sign on as user: "" and password: "test"
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